In most cases the tax is 0%, but sometimes there are exceptions. All the latest information about the taxes in your country you can find on the links below.

The H.S. code 3302.10.1000 for most countries.

European Union Taric: 3302.10.9000

ASEAN Tariff: 3302.10.90.00

Bahrain Tariff: 33021000

Belarus Tariff: 3302.10.9000

Canada Tariff: 2106.90

Chile Tariff: 3302.10.20

Egypt Tariff: 3302.1090
Japan Tariff: 3302.10.210

Kazakhstan Tariff: 3302.10.9000

Kuwait Tariff: 3302.10.00
Search Chapter 33, (of a kind used in food)

Saudi Arabia Tariff: 210600000000

Singapore Tariff: 3302.10.90

South Africa Tariff: 3302.10

Taiwan Tariff: 21069053006

Turkey Tariff: 3302.10.90.00

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